About Citizens Old Age Home

Citizens Old Age Home was founded by Dr. Suman & Mr. Sriranjan Reddy in 2019 to meet the growing need for elderly care and services in India. Originally specialists in advanced physiotherapy and rehabilitation, Citizens Old Age Home offered services in different parts of Hyderabad to over 100 seniors.

With the course of time, our team realized that providing advanced physiotherapy and rehabilitation was not enough. Many seniors were in need of constant nursing care and supervision, and several had no local family support. In 2019, we decided to change our model and switch to residential care and thus Citizens Old Age Home came to life. In a short span of time, Citizens Old Age Home has grown to be an industry leader in both elder and dementia care and a brand that is trusted by families for the care of their loved one.

At Citizens Old Age Home, we provide high-quality, person-centered care that enables seniors to live meaningful lives. We cater to each individual’s preferences and respect their choices throughout the continuum of care.

An old age home always triggers negative vibes, but it isn’t. When you visit Citizens Old Age Home in Hyderabad, the conventional concepts get shattered. It is a well-equipped and well-managed place where you feel the positive vibrations of affection, love and belongingness. Since the mission of this organization is to extend unconditional and selfless love to all, everyone feels immense peace and calmness in the premises.

The organization runs on the principle of helping those who need it not because it is a work of charity, but it is the duty of us being a responsible and sensible member of the society. The country and the social structure give us so much; it is our duty to repay it as per our capacity.

About Our Home

Citizens Old Age Home is an independent villa in a peaceful gated society away from pollution with excellent flora and fauna around and catering the seniors to their care requirements of all kinds.
Citizens Old Age Home have a large yoga room, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation center with advanced equipment’s.

About Our Care

We provide holistic care that focuses on all aspects of an elderly's life. Care plans for each resident are reviewed with a focus on physical and mental health, social activities, cognitive abilities, functional ability, nutrition and personal needs. We maintain streamlined documentation on each resident and also believe in transparent reporting to the families.

Daily assistance

Our trained team of care givers aids residents with their activities of daily living (e.g., walking, grooming and assistance with meals.)

Social engagement

We provide a supportive atmosphere, frequent one-to-one attention, and a calendar full of activities to ensure each resident is socially engaged.

24 X 7 care

Day and night shifts as well as a live-in facility manager ensures that care givers are available around the clock to manage emergencies.

Nutritious meals

We serve nutritious and delicious Indian meals, snacks and tea. We also provide regular housekeeping and laundry services.

Nursing Care

Our facility nurses provide basic nursing care for those who need it including Ryle's tube feeding, bed sore management, catheterization, wound dressing etc.

Dementia Care

We provide a specialized dementia care program that focuses on emotional well being and symptom management through non pharmacological approaches.